Treasure 5

Treasure Batch 5

This is what we earned from The Six Trials of Larazod.


Logen Amelia Kaer Murgash Sophia
Cash 1765 gp 1765 gp 1765 gp 2156 gp* 1374 gp*

*Sophia paid back Murgash…

Shared Consumables
Update the quantity as you take these.

Item Quantity
Potion of CLW 4
Potion of Disguise Self 1

Also given to Logen Corbing from Ailyn Ghontasavos as partial payment for looking for the Cheliax Crux is

Item Quantity
Potion of CSW 4
Potion of Lesser Restoration 4

Previous Loot Batches

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Treasure 5

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