Treasure Batch 12


Logen Kaer Murgash Sophia Corvin
Cash 2659 gp 2659 gp 2096 gp 2659 gp 2659 gp
Item value 563 gp
Total 2659 gp 2659 gp 2659 gp 2659 gp 2659 gp

Loot Acquired

Coins, valuables:

Shared Consumables
Update the quantity as you take these.

Item Quantity
Misc. Potions (carried by Logen)
Chelish Crux (d12)
Spell book
Libre Malefactum
Grave candles
Fake ID (Chelish nobility)
Scroll of Scrying
Scroll of Sending
Scroll of Erase (CL 10)
Scroll of Sunburst
Scroll of CMW
Signet ring – House Azrinae
Signet ring – House Moivas
Drugs (worth 2000gp on the surface)
Comp. bow +1 str +7, bull rush (Matt Daemon) – Sonja
Wand of stoneskin (5 charges)
Potion of countless eyes
Scythe – intelligent
Devlish Contract (unsigned)

Items that are claimed by people are included in their shares above.
Total value: 13293 gp

Item Quantity Value (each) Claimed by
Chain shirt ?
Buckler ?
Ring of protection +1 1000 gp
Wand of sound burst (23 charges) 1380 gp
Grey bag of tricks 1700 gp
Elf woman
Wand of CMW (15 charges) Murgash
Wand of spiritual weapon (7 charges) 315 gp Murgash
Shortspear +1 1151 gp
Headband of wisdom +2 2000 gp
Wand of shocking grasp lvl 3 (11 ch.) 248 gp Murgash
Phylactery of positive channeling 5500 gp

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