Shield of Aroden Shards

In the final battle between the Whispering Tyrant and General Arnisant, the lich unleashed terrible magic in an attempt to murder the mortal hero. The Shield of Aroden saved the general’s life, but in so doing, shattered into a dozen fragments, one of which pierced the lich’s hand, searing him with holy fire. Struck by the might of his ancient foe, Aroden, the archlich retreated to the depths of Gallowspire, where the armies of the Shining Crusade erected a great seal, binding him within his dungeons for all time. Soon after, 11 of the Shield of Aroden’s shards were collected and passed to the first watcher-lord of Vigil in the newly established nation of Lastwall, where they have remained ever since.

Today, the shards of the Shield of Aroden are widely believed to be on display amid the collections of the Crusader War College. However, recently one of the shards was discovered hidden in the Pathfinder’s Delhaven Lodge in Westcrown. Few still call these shards by the name they once bore—especially since Aroden’s death—instead referring to the pieces as the Shattered Shield of Arnisant. Although still harboring Aroden’s divine protection, the shards themselves were believed to be little more than historic relics. Since Aroden’s death these shards seem to have become a repository of some of Aroden’s divine power.

Each of the twelve shards correspond to one of the twelve guises of Aroden; the beggar, thief, fisherman, hunter, shepherd, farmer, soldier, merchant, tailor, craftsman, artist, and scholar. The shard of the soldier is currently embedded the Whispering Tyrant’s hand.

Shard of the Artist

Shield of Aroden Shards

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