Gold Goblin


Grand Re-Opening! The Gold Goblin is back in business as a tavern, dinner theatre and after-hours gaming club.

Gold Goblin Rooms Earnings Upgradable to
Bar Influence or gold +10
Bar Influence or gold +10
Theatre (small) ?
Common Room Influence or gold +7 Ballroom, Cermonial Room, Throne Room
Escape Route
Game Room Gold +5/Gold +10 illegal
Game Room Gold +5/Gold +10 illegal
Secret Room
Kitchen Gold or Goods +4
Lodging Gold +12
Bedroom (owner’s)
Animal Pens x4
Sewer Access

Rooms of the proper size can be repurposed to other types of rooms.

Earnings assume that those rooms are open to the public.
Earnings are bonuses to the roll to determine income.

Gold Goblin

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