Logen Corbing

Bounty Hunter

Race Human Class Ranger (Urban Ranger) 9 Mythic Tier Champion 2
Alignment Neutral Good Init +6 Perception +12


AC 29 Touch 18 Flat 23 CMD 33
HP 91
Fort +13 Ref +14 Will +10
DR / Resist


Speed 60
Everlight +16 / +11 1d6+2d6+7 18-20
Shortsword +2 (o/h) +17 / +12 1d6+5 19-20
Dagger +15 / +10 1d4+6 19-20
Composite longbow +1, Str +2 +14 / +9 1d8+3 19-20×3
Sap +15 / +10 1d6+6 x2
Mythic Power 1d6 7/day


Str 22 (+6) Dex 18 (+4) Con 14 (+2) Int 10 (0) Wis 12 (+1) Cha 8 (-1)
BAB +9 Caster Level 6
Languages Common


Acrobatics +17 Climb +10 Craft (weapons & leather) +4
Disable Device +11 Heal +12 Intimidate +3
Know. (dungeoneering) +10 Know. (geography) +5 Know. (local) +12
Perception +12 Profession (hunter & business) +5 Ride +7
Spellcraft +4 Stealth +15 Survival +16
Swim +9

Feats & Abilities

Ability score +2 to Str
Skilled 1 extra skill point per level
Favored Enemy: Lawful outsider +2 to hit, damage, Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival
Track +4 to Survival checks to follow tracks
Wild Empathy Diplomacy with animals: 1d20+8
Two-Weapon Fighting (Combat Style) Attack penalty is -2 for each hand
Favored Community: Rego Scripa +4 Initiative, Kn. (local), Perception, Stealth, Survival. Cannot be tracked.
Trapfinding +4 to Perception (traps), Disable Device
Hunter’s Bond Grant allies within 30’ +1 vs 1 favoured enemy for 1 rds (move action)
Favored Enemy: Human +4 to hit, damage, Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival
Spells Can cast spells from the ranger spell list
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (Combat Style) Off-hand weapon gets a second attack at -5
Push Through Not slowed by difficult terrain or people in favoured communities
Swift Tracker Can track at full speed without penalty, -10 for double speed
Favored Community: Zirnakaynin +2 Initiative, Kn. (local), Perception, Stealth, Survival. Cannot be tracked.
Evasion Take no damage on successful Reflex save for half
Dodge (race) +1 (dodge) to AC
Shadow Child (background) Attacks in dim light do not get 20% miss chance
Self-Sufficient +2 to Heal & Survival ( +4 at 10 ranks)
Toughness +9 hit points
Blind-Fight Re-roll miss chance failure; invis melee attackers have no advantage; move full speed when blinded
Iron Will +2 to Will saves
Power Attack -3 to hit, +6 to damage
Hard to Kill Stabilize automatically. Die at -28 hp.
Mythic Power 7 power points per day
Mythic Surge Add 1d6 to any d20 after rolling (immed., 1 point)
Mythic Dodge +1 AC (dodge). Spend 1 point for +10 AC for 1 attack (immed.)
Fleet Charge (Champion’s Strike) Extra move and spring attack with +2, no DR (swift, 1 point)
Impossible Speed +30 speed. Spend 1 point for +20 speed for 1 hour
Amazing Initiative +2 initiative. Spend 1 point for an extra std action (not a spell).
Pierce the Darkness Darkvision 60’


Explorer’s outfit Mithral breastplate +3 Everlight
Short sword +2 evil outsider bane Amulet of natural armour +2 Cloak of resistance +4
Ring of protection +2 Giant strength +4 Boots of elvenkind
Service Points (7) Arrows (40) Alchemist’s fire (2)
Candles (3) Holy weapon balm (3) Silversheen (3)
Sunrod (4) Wand of CMW (75) Oil (5)
Arrows – mithral (7) Potion of glibness (2) Drow poison (6)
Backpack Dagger Composite longbow +1 keen Str +2
Shortsword, silver Shortsword, cold iron Shortsword +1 flaming
Longsword +1 cold iron, light (blue) Signet ring – House Vornak Divine focus: Lucky cat’s foot
Sarenrae medallion Waterskin Flask
Rope of climbing Chalk Hammer
Whetstone Flint & steel Trail rations (0)
Thieves’ tools Iron spike (2) Bestiarium Subterranea
Wayfinder (+2 to not get lost) Golembane Scarab Grappling hook
Potion satchel

For more than 30 years, monsters have been prowling the streets and killing people. Yet no-one seems to know just what these creatures are. Apparently the powers that be like it that way.

But there are some who go out at night to hunt these monsters. They are hired by wealthy citizens to rid the city of the shadow curse – or at least make the streets a little bit safer.

Logen is one such man. He came to Westcrown a few years ago to work as a bounty hunter and has been hunting monsters ever since.

Logen Corbing

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