The Six Trials of Larazod


The Six Trials of Larazod is one of the Westcrown’s best-known and most notorious plays.

The main characters of the play are

Lazarod Rilsane – Larazod is one of the play’s two starring roles and the main protagonist. Lazarod is a tiefling from a noble family accused of treason against Asmodeus.

Montigny Haanderthan – Magistrate Maleficarum of Asmodeus is the play’s other starring role and the antagonist of the play.

Dentris – Dentris is a sharp-tongued wizard who has a knack for biting insults and a quick wit, and who acts almost as a father figure to Larazod.

Tybain – Tybain is the comic relief of the play, a bumbling paladin whose devotion to Aroden is even more comical in this age, due to the deity’s death.

Drovalid – Drovalid, as the torturer who has a change of heart and joins Larazod’s side to protect him, is the toughest character in the play.

Ilsandra – A beautiful erinye, daughter of Hell, and love interest to Lazarod.

In some versions of the play two additional characters exist

Farus the Traveled – A self-styled gypsy king, Farus is a smiling tower of joy. He is a dancing clown who speaks in riddles and rhyme. His role is comedic—generally it was felt that one clown was enough for the play, and so his character is dropped in many versions of the trial.

Monris Blaksward – A fiendish dwarf with blood-red eyes and a shock of ginger hair, Monris appears in many early versions of the play as the strong arm to help Larazod. He sings in a deep voice and carries bagpipes, which he frequently blows tunes from. An addition to some productions of the play, most omit this character, as his bagpipes often annoy the audience.

The upcoming production of the Six Trials of Larazod has been cast as followed

Thesing Umbero Ulvauno as the Paraduke Montigny Haanderthan, Magistrate Maleficarum
Amelia Heart as Larazod Rilsane
Murgash as Dentris
Kaer Lowe-Thule as Tybain the pall-a-dine of Aroden
Sophia as the erinyes Ilsandra
Logen Corbing as Drovalid Vorclune
Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa as the chorus and narrator
Calseinica Nymmis as the baliff
Robahl Nonon as the Prince of Darkness Asmodeus

Millech providing effects and the ghosts of any actors slain too early in the play.

The Six Trials of Larazod

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