Current Rumors

There is bound to be a king’s ransom in starmetal from that asteroid crash. You can bet most of the crime bosses are scheming on how to get down to Devil’s Elbow and cash in.

Word is that The Six Trials of Larazod has been cast with actors of legendary skill. Apparently they have played to royalty in ten kingdoms!

Old Rumors

The shadow in the sky:
A strange, persistent, dark cloud recently appeared in the sky above the city. Some people say it is a sign of Asmodeus’s displeasure, some whisper that the Shadows which plague the night are attempting to block out the sun so they may roam the city during the day as well, a very small minority believe it is a sign or Aroden’s return. The one thing everyone can agree is that it’s the big news in town and everybody seems to have their own explanation.

The Devil and his Gold: The washed-up crime boss Saul Vancaskerkin recently renovated the Gold Goblin Gambling Hall and has a massive gaming tournament planned called “Cheat the Devil and Take His Gold.” While this might just be a publicity stunt, some say the swindler sold his soul to some fiend and is using the tournament as a way to raise the money to buy it back.


Devils and Dilettantes cgregory