Many of the Gods are described here

Lords of Hell

Asmodeus, Prince of Darkness (Deity)
Mephistopheles, The Merchant of Souls
Baalzebul, Lord of Flies
Moloch, General of Hell
Geryon, The Serpent
Belial, the Thorned Caress
Mammon, the Argent Prince
Dispater, The Iron Lord
Barbatos, The Bearded Lord

Demon Lords

Abraxas, Master of the Final Incantation
Aldinach, She of the Six Venoms
Andirifkhu, The Razor Princess
Angazhan, The Ravener King
Areshkagal, The Faceless Sphinx
Baphomet, Lord of the Minotaurs
Cyth-V’sug, Prince of the Blasted Heath
Dagon, The Shadow in the Sea
Deskari, Lord of the Locust Host
Flauros, The Burning Maw
Gogunta, Song of the Swamp
Haagenti, The Whispers Within
Jezelda, Mistress of the Hungry Moon
Jubilex, The Faceless Lord
Kabriri, He Who Gnaws
Kostchtchie, The Deathless Frost
Lamashtu, The Demon Queen (Deity)
Mazmezz, The Creeping Queen
Mestama, The Mother of Witches
Nocticula, Our Lady in Shadow
Orcus, Prince of Undeath
Pazuzu, King of the Wind Demons
Shax, The Blood Marquis
Sifkesh, The Sacred Whore
Socothbenoth, The Silken Sin
Urxehl, Trollfather
Xoveron, The Horned Prince
Zevgavizeb, God of the Troglodytes
Zura, The Vampire Queen


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