Leadership Feat

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Leadership Feat
The Leadership feat prerequisite will now be 3rd level. It will provide two things, one a cohort of the level described in the PHB and you will be a leader of an organization. Your cohort being your second in command who helps take care of many of the day to day activities of the organization.

How do I build an Organization?
Mechanically, the answer is take the Leadership feat. When you take the Leadership feat you receive a cohort as normal but instead of receiving followers, you become the master of an organization. If multiple PCs buy the Leadership feat they must choose whether they are each starting their own organization or if they are pooling to form a council or possibly they are leading . Cohorts do not go on adventures with you, but may possibly assist in individual battles through the use of the Call on Cohort action.

There are advantages to both. Councils can hit higher target numbers but control can be an issue. Individual groups are weaker but there is no question of control.

Your organization could be a rebel movement against the injustice found in Westcrown, a thieves’ guild, a business empire, a church, or a wizard’s academy. Basically whatever you would like.

The Six Ability Scores
Much like a PC, an evil organization has six ability scores that define them. Every score ranges from -5 to +10. These scores modify both action and skill rolls

Where a PC has Strength, Organizations are Ruthless. Ruthless is the ability to get violent things done. If Ruthless ever hits -5, your organization cannot take any violent actions.

Where a PC has Dexterity, Organizations have Secrecy. Secrecy is the ability to conceal your organization and its operations. If Secrecy ever reaches -5, your organization becomes a household name in Kingdom.

Where a PC has Constitution, Organizations have Survivability. Survivability is your organization’s ability to survive adversity. If Survivability ever hits -5, your organization has ceased to exist.

Where a PC has Intelligence, Organizations have Connections. Connections is your ability to get nonviolent tasks done. If Connections ever hits -5, your organization can take no skilled actions.

Where a PC has Wisdom, Organizations have Espionage. Espionage is the ability to acquire information others don’t want you to have. If Espionage ever hits -5, your organization can take no espionage actions.

Where a PC has Charisma, Organizations have Loyalty. Loyalty is your minions devotion to their masters. If Loyalty ever hits -5, your organization falls apart.

An organization’s scores start at zero. Each master with a positive charisma modifier has that many points to spend increasing the scores. No score can initially be raised above +4. After creation, changes to charisma no longer effects scores. Scores change from game effects and when a master gains a level — a master then adds +1 to a score of their choice. No score may ever exceed +10.

Actions represent an evil organizations ability to get things done. Every week you command your evil organization to perform actions. The maximum number is determined
by adding the leader’s level + current Charisma modifier and then consulting this chart.

Level + Charisma Mod. Actions per Month
9 or less 0.5
10-12 1
13-14 2
15-16 3
17-18 4
19-20 5
21 6
22 7
23 8
24 9
25 or more 10

If the evil organization is ruled by a council, every leader contributes his actions to a pool. That is the total number of actions an organization may take per month.

The Action Check

When an action is performed, this usually involves an Action Check. This roll is the relevant score plus a d20. A Secrecy Check, for example, is d20 + Secrecy. Every action check will have a target number assigned by the Game Master. To succeed an Action Check must equal or beat that number. A natural 1 is always a failure. A natural 20 often improves the checked score. Target numbers are assigned by the Game Master based on difficulty given the current circumstances:

Target Number Descriptor
8 Easy
12 Average
16 Difficult
20 Very Difficult
25 Almost Impossible

“You Have Failed Me for the Last Time”
Any time you are unhappy with any Action Check, you can execute the minion who failed you and demand that the other try again if they don’ t want to meet the same fate. You may reroll the failure. You can only reroll once per Action Check and executing the minion so callously does shake the other minions — you take a -1 to Loyalty. Generally only evil organizations may do this.

The Action List
This is a list of actions an evil organization can attempt. It is not comprehensive and with GM permission other actions may be permitted. Level always refers to the level of the highest level PC leader of the organization.

Abduct Peasants (violent action): You need peasants (lvl 1-3 commoners) for your gruesome experiments or perhaps as monster chow. Roll a Ruthless Check.
Success: You abduct 2d6 Peasants
Failure: You abduct no one.
Natural 1: Failure and -1 to Secrecy.
Natural 20: Success and +1 Ruthless.

Assassination (violent action): Your minions attempt to kill someone. Roll a Ruthless Check. Important NPCs are often immune to this action.
Success: The target dies. -1 to Secrecy.
Failure: The target does not die.
Natural 1: The target does not die and minions are captured. -1 to Secrecy and Survivability.
Natural 20: The target dies and it looks like an accident. +1 to Ruthless.

Call on Cohort: You need to call in help of your right hand man. Roll a Loyalty Check.
Success: Cohort joins you for one battle/scene.
Failure: Cohort Joins you for one battle/scene, but -1 random ability score of organization
Natural 1: Cohort doesn’t join you and -1 to two random ability scores
Natural 20: Cohort Joins you for one battle/scene. +1 to Loyalty.

Criminal Enterprise (violent action): Your organization uses crime to acquire funds. Roll a Ruthless Check.
Success: Level*4d6*10 gp is acquired.
Failure: You are revealed. -1 to Secrecy
Natural 1: Failure and -1 to Survivability
Natural 20: Success and +1 to Ruthless

Frame Someone (espionage action): Your minions plant evidence to convince the law that someone is guilty of some unsavory crime. Roll an Espionage Check.
Success: It works!
Failure: It doesn’t work.
Natural 1: It doesn’t work and your minions get caught. -1 to Secrecy and Survivability.
Natural 20: Success and +1 to Espionage.

Gather Information (skilled action): Your organization tries to gather three random rumors or tries to answer three questions that might be know about town. Roll a Connections Check.
Success: The questions are answered.
Failure: You receive 1 random rumor.
Natural 1: You learn nothing.
Natural 20: Success plus +1 to Connections.

Grave-Robbing (skilled action): Your organization violates graves to acquire corpses and skeletons for you.
Success: 2d6 corpses or skeletons are acquired.
Failure: You are revealed. -1 to Secrecy
Natural 20: 4d6 are acquired instead.
Natural 1: As failure, but a number of minions are caught and hanged. -1 to Survivability.

Guard Duty: You assign your organization to guard a location for a week. This creates an encounter equal to a CR of the organizations ruthlessness of the level. This is capped to a CR of the Leader’s level -2.

Hunt Beasts (violent action): You order the capture of wild beasts to guard your base. Roll A Ruthless Check.
Success: Roll 1d10. The minions catch:
1 – 1d3 Snakes, Venomous (CR 1)
2 – 1d3 Giant Spiders (CR 1)
3 – 1d2 Crocodiles (CR 2)
4 – 1d2 Snake, Constrictor (CR 2)
5 – 1d2 Giant Leeches (CR 2)
6 – 1d2 Giant Toads (CR 2)
7 – 1d2 Tatzlwyrms (CR 2)
8 – Giant Mantis (CR 3)
9 – Giant Scorpion (CR 3)
10 – Chupacabra (CR 3)
Failure: Minions catch nothing.
Natural 1: Monsters catch minions. Survivability -1.
Natural 20: They catch a hydra (CR 4)

Indoctrinate: Your minions have grown quarrelsome and forget their place. Teach them the meaning of obedience. Loyalty +1 up to a maximum of zero.

Lay Low: You organization keeps out of the spotlight for a while. Secrecy +1 up to a maximum of zero.

Legitimate Enterprise (skilled action): Your organization uses legitimate means to acquire funds.
Roll a Connections Check.
Success: Level*(4d4-4)*10 gp is acquired.
Failure/Natural 1: no consequences
Natural 20: Success and +1 to Connections

Research Feat (varied action): Roll a the Appropriate Action Check to add a feat to your organizations repertoire.
Generally combat feats use Ruthlessness, Roguish Skills use Espionage, Teamwork feats use Loyalty, etc. Feats with higher/more prerequisites have a higher DC, take more actions to research and have a higher gp cost.
Success: Spend the gp and add the feat to the organizations repertoire.
Failure: Feat not added to organization’s repertoire.
Natural 1: Failure and the cost is wasted
Natural 20: Success and +1 to Appropriate stat

Research Spell (skilled action): Roll a Connections Action Check to add a spell to your organization’s grimoire or prayer book.
The spell level must be one the leader or cohort can cast. The number of actions required to complete the research is equal to the spell level x 2. Generally this is used to research spells not found in the PHB.
Success: The spell is researched at a cost of Spell Level x 500gp.
Failure: The spell is not research and Spell Level x 250gp is wasted.
Natural 1: Failure and Connections -1 due to death of researchers
Natural 20: Success and Connections +1 due to word of research spreading.

Recover: Your organization stays out of danger and focuses on recruiting new members. Survivability +1 up to a maximum of zero.

Spread Disinformation (espionage action): You organization tries to convince the populace of something isn’t true.
Success: It works!
Failure: It doesn’t work.
Natural 1: Failure and -1 to Espionage.
Natural 20: It works! +1 to Espionage.

Torture Captives (violent action): Extract information from “guests” of your dungeon. Roll a Ruthless check.
Success: You receive answers to three questions.
Failure: No results.
Nat. 1: The prisoner dies(50%) or escapes(50%).
Natural 20: Success and +1 to Ruthless.

Training (skilled action): Increase Ruthless, Competence or Espionage by +1 up to a maximum of zero.

Trap Building (skilled action): Roll a Connections check to build a trap.
Success: Spend the money to build the trap.
Failure: The traps are not built.
Natural 1: Failure and half the cost is wasted.
Natural 20: Success and Connections +1

Trap Repair (skilled action): Roll a Connections Action Check to fix three traps.
Success: Spend the money to fix the traps.
Failure: The traps are not fixed.
Natural 1: Failure and half the cost is wasted.
Natural 20: Success and Connections +1

Organization Events

Every month roll a d20 for organizational events. This roll cannot be rerolled by executing a minion.

Modified Rules from Fire Mountain Games’ Way of the Wicked Adventure Path

Leadership Feat

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