What do you guys think of the following house rule?

Karma is a reward to players who contribute to this campaign site with Adventure Logs up to 1 Karma point per week. However for this campaign because we are half-way through I’ll allow up to 2 Karma points per week. Karma points can be spent during play to bend the tides of fate your way or permanently enhance your character. Read on below.

There is no limit on how much total Karma you may accumulate, a character’s maximum available pool cannot exceed 6 for an adventure.

Karma Pool
Uses Cost
Bonus to a roll before the roll *
– +2 1
– +4 2
– +5 3
– +6 5
* After the roll the cost to add a bonus is double
Reroll your dmg inflicted 1
Activate the Dead Man’s Trigger (last act before dying or going unconscious) 1
Karma Burn Uses Cost
Score a critical success 1
Avoid certain death (a maximum of once per session) 2
Attain +1 bonus rank to any skill 2
Raise an ability score one point 4 + new score’s bonus
Gain a bonus non mythic feat 8
Gain a bonus mythic feat 15
Player Karma Karma Burnt
Sophia / Raven 3 2
Logen Corbing 5 0
Kaer Lowe-Thule 5 2
Amelia Heart 0 0
Murgash 1 0
Huzzah 1 0
Burnt Karma
Character Spent On Points
Kaer Avoid Death 2
Sophia Avoid Corvin’s Death 2


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