House Vonnarc

This is the legend for the House Vonnarc maps

Floor 1

A1. Entry: Ten house guards are posted here at all times, along with a single stone golem carved in the image of Areshkagal. The golem obeys the command of anyone who openly wears a Vonnarc amulet, but otherwise attacks only those the house guards attack.

A2. Reception Hall: Visitors to the house wait here to meet with Vonnarcs.

A3. House Barracks: The rank-and-file Vonnarc guards sleep here. At any one time, there are 20 Vonnarc guards stationed in the manor, with many more dwelling in outlying barracks.

A4. Dining Hall: Lesser members of nobility take their meals here, although it’s unusual for more than a couple of drow to feast here at once except during the rare family feast.

A5. Library: The books kept here cover a wide range of topics—any Knowledge check made using these books as references gains a +4 bonus on the roll.

A6. House Records: This room contains extensive family trees and other similar documents.

A7. Anteroom: A small waiting room decorated with hanging tapestries depicting Areshkagal.

A8. Audience Hall: This hall serves as Matron Pravora’s audience hall. Although she rarely holds court, the room remains well tended, ready for the matriarch’s every need—two driders are always on guard here.

A9. Kitchen & Pantries: Food is stored and prepared here. At any one time, 0-5 drow servants work here.

A10. Salon: A comfortable study for entertaining guests.

A11. Shrine to Areshkagal: This shrine fills to capacity thrice a week during ceremonies to the demon lord Areshkagal—it is during these ceremonies that sacrifices (usually slaves bought in the market or servants scheduled for execution) are offered. Services are led by Second Daughter Faidaeva Vonnarc. The shrine is guarded by four babau demons.

A12. Priestesses’ Study: A small personal shrine, well stocked with unholy water, incense, and divine spell components.

A13. Art Galleries: Sculptures and paintings, their subjects ranging from the grisly to the erotic, decorate this area.

A14. Hall of the Ancestors: This grotesque hall serves as a gathering and display chamber for sizable family events. The Vonnarcs also keep six pieces of living “artwork” here, twin rows of fleshwarped elves—creatures known as irnakurse. Six in all dwell here, and they are swift to lash out at anyone that comes within reach.

A15. Parlor: A cozy room to receive guests, particularly those arriving to attend events in the ballroom.

A16. Ballroom: A large chamber that is often used for parties, large family gatherings, or orgies.

A17. Interrogation Chamber: Slavemother Undamesta’s chamber for organizing the servants and punishing them when necessary.

A18. Slavemother’s Quarters: This is where Slavemother Undamesta sleeps.

A19. Servant’s Quarters: This is where the you likely spend most of their off-duty time. You have been provided with a single room exclusive to their group. Furnishings are barely comfortable and there is no real privacy. You share this area with 15 drow servants, all of whom treat the you with increasing jealousy.

A20. Slave Quarters: These chambers are inhabited by 14 enslaved troglodytes. One particularly intelligent troglodyte is a scarred patriarch named Verez is the de facto leader of the troglodytes. He’s the longest lived of the troglodytes and knows quite a bit about various goings on in House Vonnarc. His long stay in the house has left him relatively used to drow, and of the group, only Verez talks with the other drow servants.

A21. Kennels: This kennel houses a dozen run-of-the-mill riding lizards.

A22. Noble Stables: The six cave gecko riding lizards kept here are the personal mounts of the more important nobles in the family.

A23. Torture Chamber: This is a functional torture chamber used to punish slaves or extract information from prisoners.

A24. Performance Torture Chamber: Unlike area A23, the torture devices kept here are as much works of art as working devices. This is where the drow hold performance tortures, where new techniques are
displayed on servants for the entertainment and education of visitors.

A25. Cells: Servants being punished, prisoners being held for ransom, or sacrifices waiting for their big day are kept here.

Floor 2

A26. Entry Balcony: This large balcony is typically guarded by two relatively well-behaved driders.

A27. Guest Suites: These rooms are reserved for the most important guests of the Vonnarc house.

A28. Office: A small office staffed by a drow clerk, this office is where the various businesses run by the Vonnarcs are tracked.

A29. Mezzanine: The walls of this area are decorated with long violet and silver banners depicting various prayers to Areshkagal.

A30. Shrine Balcony: This small shrine is, in theory, for all family members to worship, but Second Daughter Faidaeva has forbidden others from using it, claiming it as her own personal shrine to the
demon lord Areshkagal.

A31. Family Lobby: This small lounge is for family members only.

A32. Vestibule: A small room with a single chair and desk containing numerous small containers of alcohol.

A33. Matron Pravora’s Chambers: These austere chambers appear to have never been slept in. In fact, Matron Pravora visits here only once or twice a year, preferring more secure hidaways than her own home for resting.

A34. Scions’ Quarters: These chambers are the private rooms for Matron Pravora’s children, save for Alicavniss, who sleeps in her den in Tower Solacas.

A35. Private Gallery: The contents of this gallery mirror the subjects in area A13, but are universally more expensive.

A36. Portico: This area affords an excellent view of the Vonnarc grounds.

House Vonnarc

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