Earthfall Glyphs

As was believed House Azrinae left the city to setup up a second location to call down Earthfall. They have traveled to the Lands of the Black Blood. They plan on calling down Earthfall on the Wardstones located in the land of Mendev thereby allowing Deskari and his followers to burst out of the Worldwound.

Based on the size and complexity of the glyphs used here in comparison to those used in the test site, it might be comparable to that of the first earthfall. Six glyphs have been created. Five focus glyphs placed around the master glyph in different areas in the Land of Black Blood, all of which must be destroyed before the master glyph, located on the island at the center of the Caltherium, can be harmed. Each focus glyph has its own defenses and guardians.

I believe each of the focus glyphs can be deactivated in one of three ways.

1. The most straight forward but also the most dangerous is they can be physically destroyed with damage
2. Each glyph appears to have various “spell keys”, a spell or group of spells that aids in its deactivation
3. What I shall call “true keys” a procedure of manipulation and modification to the magic of the glyphs themselves through the power of one’s will and skill

The glyphs themselves provide clues to their resistances mysteries and weaknesses by touching them.

The five focus glyphs are as follows:

Fury: The focus glyph at the Weeping Cliffs powers the fury ward. This ward causes any earthfall glyph to inflict electricity damage to anyone who touches or attempts to damage a glyph as long as the glyph of fury remains active.

Renewal: The focus glyph at the Crystal Plaza powers the renewal ward. As long as this glyph is active, any other glyph that is destroyed is automatically restored to full functionality 24 hours later.

Defense: The focus glyph at the Bloodforge grants all glyphs a increased armor and resistance to spells.

Vigilance: The focus glyph at the Fetid Palace alerts Allevrah whenever an attempt is made to tamper with one of the focus glyphs.

Watching: The focus glyph at Rotstone Hollows allows Allevrah to stand in the center of the master glyph and then, as long as she concentrates on an active focus glyph, project an image to the center of that glyph as I learned when trying to tamper with the Vigilance glyph.

I was able to gain additional information on the Vigilance glyph before being forced to flee.

Vigilance Glyph
The glyph of vigilance heightens the senses of all creatures within a 60-foot spread, granting a greatly increased perception in addition to granting the effects of true seeing and scent.
Immune: Acid
Resistant: Fire, Cold and Electricity
Weakness: slashing weapons
Spell Keys: A silence spell or any spell that causes a sleep effect deactivates the ward for a short time
True Key: Touching the glyph one could sense a presence filled with the feeling of panic and a desire to report this panic to others, it is my belief that given time one could deceive the glyph by soothing the glyph’s worries. Sufficiently honeyed lies about all being safe and fine should permanently deactivate this glyph.

Having escaped House Azrinae troops and the creatures dwelling in the Land of the Black Blood, I should return home safely soon.

Earthfall Glyphs

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