Devil's Elbow

An island located just south of Westcrown, it is most known as a Cheliaxian Military Port and Fortress under the command of General Vourne, Commander of the Gemcrown Bay Imperial Fleet.

It is also known locally as the site of a failed settlement called Witchlight, and reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a notorious siren named Virashi. The local legends speak of Virashi’s Curse

Devil’s Elbow is a mountainous island, heavily forested with pine trees, firs, redwoods, and cypress trees. Reefs and dangerous rocks surround the island except for one narrow approach to a sheltered cove on its northern side, and most of the island’s shores are rocky cliffs averaging 100 feet in height. The island terrain itself is rugged, with its highest peak being 800 feet above sea level. Birds, bats, and other flying animals are common fauna, and there’s a relatively large population of deer, wild boar, wild dogs, stirges, giant centipedes, snakes, donkey rats, and rabbits on the island as well. Most of these animals and vermin were introduced to the island by settlers from the south 5 decades ago.

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Devil's Elbow

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