Craft Magic Items

A copy of the revised crafting rules Andrew and i put together.

Okay to summarise

It’s a DC 5+ caster level to create an item with +3 added for each level you are below and +5 for each requisite that you are missing.
The caster level for specific items that are limited by caster level = the level of the bonus you are crafting (so a cloak of resistance would be cl 3 or 6 or 9 ect).
You can get someone to help by providing a requisite spell but it may take up their time based on what feats they have
You can also use scrolls/wands to provide the req (1 per day of creation) and UMD does work but may take longer and can create a cursed item.
You can make a crafting item that adds a bonus to spell craft but it should be feat specific and fairly bulky.

So as an example for Beppo to create an amulet of natural armor +1 it would be a DC 8 +5 for 13 unless he used UMD to cast the pre-req. His spell craft is 9 so he could create it with a scroll with no chance of failure.
To create an amulet of natural armor +2 would be a DC of 11 +3 for lower caster level +5 for lack of pre-req for a DC 19 total (14 with UMD).

This looks like it will work fine as a high UMD will help balance the lower spellcraft, although the cost of scrolls will add up if you craft a large item.

Carl wrote:

Sure failure on the UMB roll will cost a day, and each roll of a natural 1 for the UMB costs a day and it gives a 5% cumulative chance of a cursed item.

UMB doesn’t allow taking of 10 or 20.
Specifically says you can’t take 10 in the skill.
And taking 20 means you have to apply the penalties for a failure before a success, which on a roll of a 1 means you can’t use the device for a day.

Laboratory equipment of crafting works for me.

We can always reexamine everything if there seems to be major issues.

Andrew wrote:

Cool I was thinking if you failed by 5 or less it cost you the day, by more than 6 you lost your materials/got a cursed item as per DMs choice I definitely think it should cost you a day if you fail otherwise you could basically take 20 with 20hrs of extra work which is not much of a penalty. As for non-mobile that’s a good idea (gives a feel for a wizards tower ect) you could maybe just call it laboratory equipment of crafting or something like that (shades of Ars Magica).

Carl wrote

I’ve found some spellcraft bonus items, but they seem to be tied to a specific craft feat. So a cauldron of spellcrafting would give bonuses to potions creation, an anvil of spellcraft tied to arms and armour. I’m sure we can come up with something for wondrous items. I’m guessing googles and lens would be fine for spellcraft checks for identifying spells and items as well as any other non feat related checks
The one thing in common was that they were not very mobile, feat specific and the potions, scrolls and wand items provided an additional minor bonus like crafting multiple inexpensive potions and scrolls faster.

Craft Magic Items

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