Aroden (pronounced AIR-oh-den) was the immortal Azlanti human who raised the Starstone from the bottom of the Inner Sea in 1 AR, founded the city of Absalom, and became a living god.

Titles: Last of the First Humans, The Last Azlanti
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Portfolio: Human culture, Innovation, History
Worshipers: Aroden has few worshipers now, as he is dead
Domains: Glory, Knowledge, Law, Protection
Favored Weapon: longsword

Aroden was a god of human culture, innovation, and history. An important prophecy known as the Starfall Doctrine suggested that he was to manifest in Cheliax in 4606 AR, marking the beginning of a long-awaited Age of Glory. Instead, at the appointed hour, Golarion was wracked with three weeks of storms (leaving the Eye of Abendego as a lasting reminder). When the weather broke, the clerics of Aroden found themselves disconnected from their god, and all presume Aroden is dead. Aroden’s death also brought the world closer to the abyss and the Worldwound was opened.

Church of Aroden

Most of Aroden’s followers have become clerics of Iomedae, his greatest servant, who is one of the few mortals of Golarion to travel through the Starstone and gain divinity herself. Those few who do stay true to the Last Azlanti have generally been left without divine power, sometimes resorting to mimicking true clerical ability with magic items. They preside over crumbling temples, many of which have been taken over by other religions, most prominently that of Iomedae.

The Twelve Guises of Aroden

When Aroden walked the world disguised, he took on one of twelve guises: beggar, thief, fisherman, hunter, shepherd, farmer, soldier, merchant, tailor, craftsman, artist, and scholar. Travelers to Westcrown can find these guises carved into stone along the northern wall of the Canaroden in Westcrown, a long running canal in the Parego Spera district.


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